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2011 In Review

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I've been doing some reflecting about the year 2011. 

The biggest story is work has taken me to many different places and away from home. I've flown 103,108 miles, spent 123 days on the road, 239 hours on the plane, and 90 nights at various hotels. I drank 61 cups of coffee from Starbucks according to my Starbucks rewards card, which I only started halfway into the year. I stayed in 11 different hotels. Consequently, that means I spent 34% of the year away from home, away from sunny southern california, and away from my wife.

The best book I read this year is "Let The Great World Spin" by Colum McCann. It was a swirl of emotions ranging from the hilarious to the tragic, all in the backdrop of the 1974 event of Philippe Petit's daring act of walking across the World Trade Center on a tight rope. The best long form reading I did on the web is the New Yorker's article on SEAL Team Six's mission to get Osama Bin Laden. The best new music I discovered is BOBBY. I also sank into the addictive new service called turntable.fm. The best $5 I spent is on Louis CK's performance at the Beacon Theater. Check out his update from the "experiment." It's so refreshing.

I finally acted out my fanboy impulse and joined Dave Eggers' army of volunteers through 826LA. I heard many heartbreaking stories of students while helping them craft their college essays. But like most good deeds, I felt like I didn't do enough.

But along with the good, there's also some bad. I didn't volunteer on MLK Day, which I promised to do after listening to the president declare it a national day of service. I had more instances of being inebriated beyond control than the previous year. I became more selfish with my time and money. I'm obsessed with mileage rewards and Starbucks points. I haven't spent much time in the church. I traded my loose fitting GAP jeans for trendy form fitting jeans. Ryan Gosling's words from Crazy Stupid Love, "be better than the GAP" haunt me. And most of all, I realized that all the decomposable waste I throw away won't really return to the earth because it's sealed tight in a non-compostable plastic trash bag. 

I'm not much for new year's resolutions, but clearly there's room for improvement next year. 



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December 23, 2011 at 6:03 am

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