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Went on a nice run through the suburbs of Deerfield, IL on a midwestern summer evening. The sun was setting, warm air was filling my lungs, and the smell of green grass lingered throughout the brisk jog in this quiet and idyllic neighborhood. It reminded me of my time in Ann Arbor, of all the summer runs I embarked on, from the Arb to Gallop Park, to North Campus and back. It was a place called home, with the familiar creeks and streams, and hidden spots where I can run through for my own solace.

Summers were filled with running. During the day through the crowd in Main Street, or in the night when everyone is sleeping. Sometimes under the heavy sun, other times in lightly drizzling rain. Any run was a good one. Long jaunts all over town, or a short jog through the neighborhood, it was all the same because it was still a run during the warm season, where school is out and things slow down.  

And then, as if on queue, just about when I was finishing my run, the night sky turned dark and violent with lightning and thunder. Rain poured on and sirens blared everywhere, lights flickering in and out in my hotel room. The nostalgia was interrupted and now I've come back to reality, that in the Midwest, tornados and thunderstorms are real. I shut off the AC and most of the lights, opened the window, and watched in silence the downpour. The dark clouds, the lightning, and the furious rain all came together in some terrifying beauty. Even this was good in my eyes, because it was all part of summer in the Midwest. 


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June 22, 2011 at 4:17 pm

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