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Goals For The Summer

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I have two contradictory goals for the summer.

One is completing the P90x physical regimen. I’ve been growing tired of the spare tire that continues to inflate around my mid section. And it doesn’t help that I now live in a town with some of the most physically well endowed people. This is a place where many have aspirations to make it on the silver screen, and looking good is akin to having ruby on your resume in Silicon Valley. It might not automatically get you a job, but it sure makes you look sexy.

The other is tasting as many beers as possible on beeradvocate.com’s top 100 list. Since moving to LA, I’ve been introduced to many gastropubs, specialty bars, and german style “bier gartens.” Some of the world’s greatest beers is just a car ride (and traffic jam) away. A glass of scotch or bourbon is nice, but there’s nothing quite like the refreshing and often complex taste of a well crafted beer. 

I realize pursuing both goals with unrestrained rigor and persistence might end up counteracting each other. Such is the complicated irony of summers with no World Cup or Euro Finals. 


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April 4, 2011 at 2:44 am

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