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World Cup 2010 Day 11 Review

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In our pickup game yesterday, we played with a real Jabulani ball. Not the cheap $20 replica, but the official one that costs a mere $149. The ball did have more flight and stayed up in the air longer, as if it grew wings every time it took off. It might have even elevated everyone's games, as we looked like a well oiled machine, playing the "beautiful game" with pass after pass that eventually leads to a beautiful goal.

Well, maybe not that beautiful, but it did give us a sense of importance and grandeur. If not in our play, at least in our minds.


Cristiano Ronaldo ended his goal drought and put in a goal. It was quite a display, as the ball landed on his back, and he then proceeded to flick it over his head for a easy finish. In fact, Portugal put in six others to stomp out the North Koreans 7-0. It was a clear difference from their previous game against Brazil. They came out more attacking, and perhaps they were too confident in themselves, having held the giants Brazil. But Portugal, as we have seen, is no pushover. They clearly showed North Korea a lesson, and perhaps in the dressing room they vowed to repeat the 5-3 scoreline of the 1966 world cup. 

David Villa scored twice, and nearly scored a hat trick if he did not miss the penalty. Spain comfortably beat Honduras 2-0, shaking off their defeat from Switzerland last week. They say it's bad omen since no team has advanced to the finals after losing their first match in the World Cup finals (statistic courtesy of the stat happy ESPN). Whether Spain can hold on will be one of the major storylines this time. 

And people can finally rejoice at all the star players hitting their stride. Now we just need Red Card Rooney and El Nino to step it up as well. 

Perhaps it is not yet the end of football in the old world, as I predicted last time around. Germany and England still have a chance to prove themselves, and France… well I'm watching France right now and it is a complete meltdown. Platini is kicking himself as we speak.

Today Korea will be playing the most important game of their lives against the Super Eagles. I'll be sporting my Seung Yeung jersey during the match. C'mon South Korea, show the North how it's really played. 


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June 22, 2010 at 10:08 pm

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