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World Cup 2010 Day 10 Review

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It's a funny World Cup when news from the training camps are more dramatic and interesting than news from the pitches themselves. But that's just what 2010 South Africa is turning out to be. When we look back, perhaps we will say that the 2010 World Cup was the end of the football domination by the old world, and the crowning of a new era of the new world. Powerhouse Germany lost to Serbia. England suffers from lackluster effort and the fans have turned against them. France has created a melodrama of its own, starting with Anelka being sent home prematurely, the fitness director storming off the training ground, and the FFF president quitting soon after. The fans have hit out social media style, with mock Facebook entries making fun of the team. 

And the champions Italy couldn't fend off the roaring Kiwis. Despite an Iaquinta goal, the All Whites came back to tie the game and played a very spirited side, something quite uncommon this tournament. The only Italian that seemed to have a spark was Camoronesi. And did everyone else notice Public Enemy #1 as the fourth referee? I bet all the Americans were burning with anger at every sight of him. 

Meanwhile, all the teams in the new world are doing superb. The US has tied both of its games, Argentina is breezing through, and even teams like Uruguay, Paraguay, and Chile are all on top of their groups. Brazil, of course, cruised through Ivory Coast with a 3-1 finish. Fabiano had two hand balls for his goal, which the referee saw and yet didn't blow the whistle, as evidenced by the wink and smile to Fabiano afterwards. 

It turns out the referee was French. 

But perhaps the real concern is with the fact that except for Ghana, all the African nations are languishing. Ivory Coast and Cameroon are virtually eliminated after their matches yesterday. I had both advancing out of their groups, so my optimism has gotten the better of me. It would have made for a great story, to see African nations do well, but that epic shall not be written this time.


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June 21, 2010 at 3:36 pm

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