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World Cup 2010 Day 5 Review

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The World Cup is in full swing, and only four teams have not yet played their matches. Already, lots of controversy surrounding the ball is making its rounds in the news and a lot of teams are playing very conservatively and ending up with draws rather than wins. A lot of the stars that people expect to perform at a high level have been largely silent, perhaps except for Messi and the Ze Germans. But as the saying goes, form is temporary but class is permanent. As teams are forced to go for wins instead of draws to escape the group stage, a lot of defenses will open up and the stars will shine as they take their teams to glory. 

The Kiwis Fight Back
New Zealand is definitely one of the lowest of all the teams next to North Korea. They battled Slovakia early this morning and I was surprised how good they looked compared to their perceived reputation. Slovakia did have more organization, but New Zealand was no pushover, equalizing with a header from Reed at the end to draw 1-1. Yet, as mentioned before as teams become more desperate and aggressive for three points, I imagine New Zealand will end up making a lot of errors and concede many goals. 

Drogba Cometh
Ivory Coast and Portugal played a very uninspiring game that led to a 0-0 draw. Ronaldo's reputation preceded him (he's a big sissy), and unfortunately a foul committed against him was misperceived as a dive and subsequently was handed a yellow card. To be fair, the ref gave a card to both Ronaldo and Dumel for arguing but was completely unnecessary. Then, the ref missed two more crucial calls later on in the game. Gervinho looked promising but no cigar. Basically, the most interesting thing about the match was the ref. 

Lucky Maicon
The powerhouse known as Brazil played the minnows known as North Korea, and contrary to my friend's prediction of a double digit scoreline (Brazil's, not North Korea's), the game ended in a relatively subdued 2-1. Maicon put in a goal literally parallel to the goal line, which when seeing it for the first time is an absolute screamer, but upon careful mental dissection can only be considered as luck. Don't hate me because I'm supporting your Yankees, but if you asked Maicon to do it again, I don't think he'd be able to (this was Xin's point). The second goal by Elano was simply beautiful, as Robinho threaded a pass just right to get to Elano's feet. The People's Rooney (인민의 루니) cried during the anthem, whether because he was swelling with patriotism (never lived in North Korea!), was asked to do so as a PR ploy from the dear leader, or because he was thinking about his parents possibly being sent to a labor camp if he didn't score, we'll never know. On the pitch, he showed some flashes of brilliance, at least more than Park Chu Young. No, I'm not hating on Park Chu Young, my favorite player from South Korea, I'm just disappointed at how he doesn't show up to big games. A consolation goal from Ji Yun Nam showed the world that our northern brothers were not going to go quietly. 

Tomorrow is the match that everyone is waiting for, the indomitable Spain versus the Swiss. Spain has too much talent to go quietly, especially against a Swiss team that lacks many components. If Brazil is the Yankees, does that make Spain the Red Sox? 

And before I leave, more robertgreen goodness.


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