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A lot has happened this week. Toyota recalled the Prius for brake problems, compounding to their recall woes. Google announced its social media efforts called Buzz. And Arsenal beat Liverpool by a hair in one of the most uninspiring matches in history. 

But I want to direct you to this week's interesting reads that has nothing to do with any of the above mentioned.

  • My friend Eric is a Marine. He served in combat not too long ago in Iraq, but now switched roles into reserves so he can go to law school. He wrote some thoughts on his blog about the coming offensive push in Marjah, Afghanistan. He also contemplates the opposite of fear. It's a provocative dive into a Marine's mind and heart
  • Entrepreneur Magazine's columnist George Cloutier has a piece called "Love Your Business More Than Your Family." As the title suggests he advocates for devoting yourself to your business rather than your family if you want to be rich and successful. I think I can write a whole post on this topic, but will leave it up to you to make your opinion regarding it.
  • The top 100 entrepreneurs who didn't go to college by Young Entrepreneur. This received the most comments in my Google Reader and so I share it with you. Is college education necessary? Would you let your kid skip college if he had a great idea for a business? All the questions that hit home now, but wouldn't have just one year ago.
That's all for now. Keep reading.

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February 12, 2010 at 4:17 pm

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