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After signing on with Premiership club Everton on a six month loan deal, Landon Donovan has really blossomed into a world class midfielder. His tireless work ethic (rumor has it that he's the most fit and rigorous in training amongst all the US national team players), and constant improvement on the pitch while with the Galaxy has culminated to a strong appearance in England so far.

Funny how these things come about. When Donovan was in Germany warming the bench awhile back, mostly because of age and lack of experience, he complained about his status and came back home. I thought he wasn't strong enough to persevere in Europe, and deduced that he opted to find comfort in a lower and easier league that is the MLS. We often don't like people who can't persevere and be a "team player" or a "company man." We like people to fall in line and become "like the rest of us". 

But Donovan proved everyone wrong and showed that he had indeed what it takes to play in Europe. I guess sometimes you have to get out of a situation to put yourself in a better situation, even if it takes some time to realize it.

Here's to realizing one's dreams, and to leaving, and to taking steps back before taking steps forward. 

*Postscript: Everton beat Chelsea for the first time in ten years, of which Donovan assisted with a goal. 

Everton v Chelsea
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February 11, 2010 at 4:28 am

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