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Google’s Advantage

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By now everyone knows that Google jumped into the mobile phone market. It started with the very underwhelming and yawn inducing G1 and a plethora of Android based phones. But now, Google has its own phone, the Nexus One, and is selling it on its own website. I've read a few articles pointing out Google's marketing strategy with the Nexus One. Being the new kid on the block in the mobile phone industry, you would think that Google would inundate the TV airwaves with hip, cool commercials. But, they say Google is focusing primarily on the web for its marketing blitz, and after seeing the Google homepage, it makes sense. 

Google is selling the phone on the web, which means its target audience is already web-savvy. They're not looking for the soccer mom or the grandma who stumbles upon a Verizon or AT&T kiosk at the mall. They're looking for someone who wants something more out of their phone. And not only that, they have the advantage of posting a link, a very prominent one at that, on their main homepage. That's millions and millions of eyeballs. Bigger than Superbowl ads. Bigger than Time Square billboards. 

Google has built the cache of users in a short span of 10 plus years (how long did it take NBC to build an audience?). Now, whatever Google wants to do, it can do it because people will be watching, whether they like it or not. There's no shortage of an audience. The only thing is, can Google deliver with its products and customer service? Time will tell. 

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January 6, 2010 at 11:19 pm

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