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Some Of My Favorite Things

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I've recently acquired three items that I have absolutely fell in love with. I give a hat tip to Oprah for popularizing "My Favorite Things" as a way to pitch products, and I just want to say unlike Oprah, I am not being paid to say these nice things. But that's what happens when you absolutely love something. You evangelize it for free because you feel so strongly about it.

The first is my new pair of dress shoes. They are a pair of Bruno Magli. It is a classic slip-on loafer with a calf leather upper and shaped slightly narrow to give it a subtle modern look. The sole is rubber so it doesn't make too much noise on hard floors. It's not because of the brand or because of the looks that I love this shoe, although both have been pluses. It is the fit of the shoe. It literally fits like a well worn glove the first day I wore them. I walked all over Michigan Avenue in Chicago for a whole week while on business not too long ago and never felt uncomfortable. The only drawback is the price, but in my opinion, it's well worth every penny of it. 

The second is The North Face Redpoint Optimus jacket. It is an insulated shell with a hood that when worn feels like walking around with a sleeping bag over my body. This is my first ever North Face article of clothing I have ever owned having been a life long Patagonia fan since the yesteryears of college. And what can I say? This jacket is comfortable, warm, and versatile. I can stuff it into its own sack when I travel, and can escape the cold and the rain if need be. If all North Face gear is as nice and useful as this, then I'm completely sold. 

The third and last of my "favorite things" is the PS3. I've been lucky to receive it as a gift from my groomsmen and after using it for a month or so, I feel it is an amazing entertainment system. Obviously it plays video games. And the games are spectacular, especially on an 1080p HD TV. As a plus, the Playstation network is completely free so I can play my Gunners in FIFA10 against another person across the world, say in Kenya. I guess the world is truly flat. Aside from games, the PS3 also plays amazing blu-ray movies. And best of all, I can play all my media from an external drive by simply plugging it into one of the USB ports. It is, in essence, an all-in-one entertainment system that provides hours and hours of fun. 

I feel a slight irony for sharing these things in light of my ongoing pursuit of living simply and minimally but that just goes to show life is full of irony and hypocrisy. It is such a paradox. 

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December 6, 2009 at 5:23 am

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