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The Extra Mile

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I’m sitting in Alaska Airlines #329 to Seattle. There’s two separate flight attendants serving drinks. I ask for a club soda from one of them. She dutifully puts ice in the cup and pours Canada Dry club soda and hands it to me.

 The lady behind me also orders a club soda from the other flight attendant. This gentleman refers to the customer as “ma’am”, offers short but friendly banter and asks if she would like a lime wedge with her club soda. She joyfully obliges.

 Same Canada Dry club soda on the same Alaska Air flight 329 to Seattle, and yet two people have very different experiences.

 Apple calls this “surprise and delight” and religiously indoctrinates their employees with it. Comcast has this and answers every single complaint thrown to their Twitter account @ComcastCares.

 The organization that goes the extra mile will win for sure. I want to be the customer who receives the extra mile. I want to be part of an organization that enthusiastically goes the extra mile.

 I need to adit this in my personal life as well.

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Written by shindz

September 19, 2009 at 1:52 am

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